10 reasons why running a professional website is essential for your small business?

Running a profitable small business in Today’s world is challenging enough. Not having a website to attract the growing number of prospects, increasingly relying on the internet to find the products and services they consume, would be a missed strategic orientation to say the least.

Speaking with facts, more than 20 million shoppers are now online, purchasing everything from books to luxurious yachts. For the first time entrepreneurs have that great opportunity to expose their small business offer to the global market.

If still underestimating the vital impact of a professional website on your business, then simply ask yourself those questions: Where is your business placed in the market crowd amongst the tons of reputable brands and strong competitors? Where can your offer be found? Is your business easily visible to potential customers? How can your buyers get familiar with the products/ services you deliver?

Not quite convinced yet? Find out a list of 10 compelling reasons why getting a fully customizable website is an essential step towards being successful in your business initiative:


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1. Think of a website as your new digital business card

For businesses, online presence is a vital part of any sales strategy. Today the internet is considered to be the most effective way to research. You have to declare your presence on the web and let people know that your business is here to respond to their needs. Share your company mission and vision, map your headquarters location, make people part of your success story and inspire them with your professional site. A professional online showcase does just that!

2. Earn credibility and empower your Reputation Management

Creating a professionally looking site that users can trust can be the best tool to help you build confidence in your brand while providing both loyal and potential customers with fresh online information. Moreover most of the shoppers nowadays feel more comfortable after finding your company contacts online. Combining creative design and worthy content can be a powerful source to gain market shares. Make it work your while!

3. Expand your market reach

When it comes to business, a well-balanced marketing mix is needed and a website can be a powerful ingredient. Having a website allows your local business to keep an eye on your existing loyal customers, while effectively reaching brand new ones. If you offer products and services for sale on your website, you give your customers a chance to buy on their own time and on their own terms whether they are refilling stocks or trying your product for the first time. You can improve customer retention by offering personalized accounts that include customer profiles, transaction histories and product recommendations.

4. Get social and spread your professional insights

Social platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, etc. now play a dominant role in the lives of ordinary buyers. These potential customers can gain a whole new level of comfort with your small business by having the ability to contact you directly through social media. You can actually directly communicate with your target audience via your web interface and improve your relationship with the end-users.This is a great opportunity for encountering new business contacts and attaining a better feedback from investors, clients, partners.

5. Build your own community

Building a tight relationship in business through a website gives you a very strong advantage on the crowded market. Along with your website, try to maintain a customer list ending up to be one of your strongest sales tools. By sending your customers monthly emails or newsletters to stay in touch, it sure is a lot easier to get people visit your website and understand your business.

6. Take advantage of Search ranking to establish online presence

Close to 2.5 billion people have access to the World Wide Web. The number of sites is increasing so speedily that makes the online visibility crucial for your small business. The ultimate goal of a website is to leverage SEO optimizing content, building and generating inbound links to increase the website’s ranking in the major search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing.

7. Cut your marketing budget and enhance marketing effectiveness

No doubts, online marketing is less expensive than traditional marketing. The Yellow Pages and Traditional print advertising vehicles are outdated and losing their influential power while still being ridiculously expensive. Focusing on free or low cost methods, such as publishing marketing articles and press releases, websites appear to be much more cost effective saving you paper brochures and product inventory. New catalogues, pricelists, current promotions and marketing incentives can be now updated at the speed of light, without wasting time or resources.

8. Handle the Competition

Finding a proper way to handle the competition is one of the strongest reasons why your business definitely needs a website. Since bottom line marketing is: ‘make it easy for customer to do business with you’, it is then pure logic: if you have a website, more prospects will find your business. Customers already knowing your business and searching for it online, will be inclined to go to the competition if they cannot find information about your activity over the internet. If afraid of losing customers who might have preferred your services had you publicized them better, build your website now.

9. Ensure 24/7 access to your business – your clients deserve it

By offering your clients constant access to your website, you reward them for their loyalty. Providing a 24/7 access to information about your business, you prove them your liability and immaculate service. Your business office may be closed overnight, but your website stays ever reachable to all, marketing your brand and offers.

10. Answer Frequently Asked Questions

Answering tons of questions on a daily basis can be a great waste of money and time. A thoughtfully selected list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs), posted on a website, can optimize the process and reduce the stream of repetitive questions so your Customer Support department can devote all the efforts to the clients.

Let’s top it off – if you are a small business owner and still missing a website to show your professional showcase to the world, don’t wait anymore! You need a fast and trustworthy solution. There are plenty of website builders on the market nowadays. Explore them wisely with all the functionalities and services that they could offer. The image of your business is in your hands.

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